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PSY, Now Criticized by Kpop Community! (Updated)

October 15, 2012
Psy 010 PSY, Now Criticized by Kpop Community!  (Updated)

PSY (real name Park Jae-Sang) (source:guim.co.uk)

UPDATED October 15, 2012  —   In the 24 hours since CNN proclaimed the death of “Gangnam Style” and to “stop the madness,”   PSY has been unfairly criticized by Asians and has been recently reduced as a “novelty act” from the members of the KPOP community, who have joined in on the PSY-bashing.   Nonetheless, no one can discount the accomplishments of the eccentric singer, who has taken Korean pop music far beyond than any Kpop act has done in the past 5 years!

What PSY (real name Park Jae-Sang) has done is impressive compared to the Kpop community which has trying to establish a Western presence for the past 5 years.  Kpop has been successful but PSY achieved more in 2 months than any Kpop artist(s) COMBINED!  The combined YouTube views of Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD, and the Wonder Girls videos would not even come close to the more than 450M views on “Gangnam Style.”   Not one Kpop act has took the No. 1 spot on iTunes until Psy did it a few weeks ago.  His song has been a mainstay on the Billboard top 10 for 5 weeks, entrenched at #2.  Facts are facts and no Kpop group/singer/rapper comes even close than what PSY has accomplished in 2 months!

Criticism from the Kpop community is also unfair and instead of excluding PSY, they should be proud to call him as “one of their own.”  To call his parody song on the wealthy people in South Korea as a “novelty song”  is unfair and reeks of jealousy.  He is part of Korea and part of Kpop, and his accomplishments should not be frowned upon but praised.

Surely, Kpop acts have worked hard to establish themselves in the Western World.  Right now, achieving super stardom in America is difficult and the Kpop acts realize that.  That’s why successful bands and solo artists like Big Bang, 2NE1, The Wonder Girls, Rain, and Jay Park choose to perform in largely Asian immigrant populated cities in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, as well as Canadian cities Vancouver and Toronto.   Even now, a group like Big Bang or 2NE1 could not draw an American audience to Ellen or Today Show or any show for that matter the way PSY did.

The Kpop community should be happy for PSY’s success and that his achievements may possibly open new doors for Kpop acts as well.  They shouldn’t be criticizing PSY, they should “ride on the success” that the “Gangnam Style” singer has paved for them.


PSY, the new international star known for his music video/song “Gangnam Style,” has been criticized (mostly from other Asians) of late for his overnight success.  His YouTube video for the song has already reached over 360M (October 4, 2012) and his song sits atop iTunes and at #2 on the Billboard Singles Chart.  An amazing feat for the once-unknown South Korean singer.  However, his success hasn’t exactly endeared some Asians, who believe that the song and the “horse dance” (the focal point of “Gangnam Style”), has made him out to be an “Asian dancing fool” performing for a Western audience.

Why are Asians critical of PSY at this point when he should be praised for achievement?  Is it the “crab-on-crab mentality” when a crab finds success, the other crabs want to pull him down so that he doesn’t get ahead of them?

South Korean rapper Tiger JK may have shown his own jealousy when he praised and then criticized PSY for “acting like a dancing fool” for a Western audience.  His statements were divisive and hypocritical when he called out the “white audience” but then claimed he was a strong advocate of racism.  He topped it off by mentioning PSY but went on a tirade on Asian performers “being comic relief” for a Western audience.   If Tiger JK was sincere about PSY’s success, why would he spread negative crap along with the singer’s name?

Many have called PSY a “one-hit wonder” but that’s way better than being a NO-HIT WONDER.  The 34 year-old has already established “his brand” to Western audiences so he now has the opportunity to make a career in the West as well as the East.  What he does with the rest of his career from this day forward is really up to him.

lmfao great music band 191 PSY, Now Criticized by Kpop Community!  (Updated)

LMFAO, the Western equivalent of a “dancing fool” but successful nevertheless. (source:hiphopwired.com)

What the Korean singer has achieved in the past two months, has greatly surpassed any Korean performer (any KPOP manufactured performer) before him.  He’s brought the world a little bit closer and made us have fun and dance at the same time.  So, what if his song falls under the category of the “Macarena” and other world dance hits, the infectious tune has united us in more ways than one.

What makes “Gangnam Style” amazing, is the way the world has accepted and adopted the song.  On the Today show, white, black, and Asian people were mouthing the words of the song when PSY appeared in the program’s mini-concert that attracted thousands of people.  At Dodger stadium, the fans “got up and danced” and were delighted to see the sunglass-donned performer dancing along with them.

Imagine, those fleeting minutes of time when people from different nations, mouthing the words in Korean.  That’s a sight to behold.

Tiger JK may have mocked the “white people” but it was those same people who advised PSY NOT to translate the song for the Western audience and to keep it “just the way it is.”

Eventually, the song’s popularity will die out but many around the world will remember the summer of 2012 when one song united the world from a then-unknown South Korean singer.

What do you think?  Do you think PSY is being unfairly criticized?  Does he deserve the criticism?  Leave your comments below!




 PSY, Now Criticized by Kpop Community!  (Updated)
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